Monday, 30 May 2011

Nerkuppai Nagarathar Kaiyedu 2011


  1. Is it true that backstabbing their own "Pankalis" is a common character of Nerkuppai N.PL group?. I used to have a friend back in India who laments corrupted nature of his fellow nagarathars .Do they ill-treat fellow community members who are not as rich as they are ?
    Do they spread rumor and indulge in character assassination of prospective brides and grooms just to procrastinate their marriages?
    If so, I really doubt if their future generations would embellish.
    I strongly suggest that instead of "bribing" the God by excessively donating to religious and temple functions and making a mockery out of everything , they can make an attempt to live a "Never Disturb and Never get Disturbed Life"

  2. typo..N.PL.M group in Nerkuppai


  3. Hey, on behalf of the Nagarathar community ,we wish to register our strong condemnation for indiscriminate defamation that Nerkuppai N.PL.M family members indulged in the recent past in screwing up an innocent's life by indulging in unwarranted character assignation.
    Nerkuppai N.PL.M should feel abashed of itself for having directly/indirectly stooped to this level.
    I am sure their kids will pay for it...and I pray to The Almighty that they be cursed with a long life to mutely watch their kids endure all the pain..
    We, the members of “Say No to Nagarathar Atrocities” will triumph in our attempts to bring justice to all those souls who harmed in the recent years by Nerkuppai N.PL.M group of two horned Chetty's.
    We are staunch believers of karma, and we believe that you do bad, you will get bad.
    Mark my words, their bad karma will haunt their kids soon....we are speaking with the real conviction..

    As a remedy, we suggest you get the forgiveness of the person you've hurt. Discuss things out with them and help them alleviate their pain. Let them know how bad and guilty you feel !